4-21005 – Techmount BMW Motorcycle Fork Cap Mount

Techmount BMW Fork Cap Mount enables you to mount your personal electronic devices onto the R1100RS and R1100RSL BMW motorcycles. Interfaces with our Techmount Gen 4 Mounting Systems (sold separately)


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SKU: 4-21005

BMW Fork Cap Mount

  • Mounts to the fork tube oil filler bolts on R1100RS and R1100RSL BMW motorcycles.
  • Our unique Techmount system is tailored with your motorcycle and application in mind. Each mounting system is crafted in the USA, through our patent CNC process using high quality aircraft grade aluminum making your mounting system more lightweight, much better looking, and most importantly more durable.
  • As a Master Distributor for all Techmount products we are committed to ensuring your 100% complete customer satisfaction by offering you our EXCLUSIVE LIFETIME “Snapshot Warranty Program”. Do you have a defective/worn Techmount part? No problem! Just snap a photo with your smartphone and send it to us, a replacement for the worn/defective part will be in the mail within 3 to 4 business days. Any additional plastic cradles, mounting hardware and/or cases are covered under the Standard Warranty Program Offered by that manufacture. Please review our FAQ page for additional warranty guidelines.


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What Bikes This Mount Fits

Make Model Year
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Rep 2005
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 2001
BMW R1150RS [ABS] 2002
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 1996
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 1998
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Rep 2003
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 1999
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 2001
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Prep 2003
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 1996
BMW R1150RS [ABS] 2003
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 1997
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 1999
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Rep 2004
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 2000
BMW R1150RS [ABS] 2001
BMW R1100S Boxer Cup Prep 2004
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 1997
BMW R1150RS [ABS] 2004
BMW R1100RSL [ABS] 1998
BMW R1100RS [ABS] 2000